Seule RubanⓇ


Seule Ruban

Seule Ruban is a new-age hair accessory fully lined with Velcro. 

You’ll enjoy creating original designs, as you can place the ribbon freely in any way you wish.

Seule Ruban is crafted from soft materials, so it will fit anyone’s head regardless of shape or size, from children up to adults of any age. 

You’ll find this to be a stress-free item which has solved all of the disadvantages of normal hair accessories. The Velcro is designed to fasten securely to your hair, making it difficult for the ribbon to slip out of place or feel too tight.


As you can arrange your hairstyle with Seule Ruban in whatever way you fancy, it’s great for all sorts of occasions, from sports, to every-day, or a party…..any time at any place.








Seule DecoⓇ

Seule Deco/スールデコ

Seule Deco is a detachable decoration exclusively for Seule Ruban. Simply pass Seule Ruban through the slider and place it as you like. It’s possible to mix and match, so you can create your own original hair accessory. 





Head Dress

Head Dress/ヘッドドレス

Head Dresses have 6 strings that allow you to decorate your hair exactly as you wish.

The strings are attached to a comb clip, so you can put it on with one motion.  


One of the key points is that you can affix the small Velcro attachments (1cm x 2cm) to the strings and place them wherever you like, to create your own unique design. The bottom 10 cm. of the strings can be detached.


◇ Specifications

・ String: 6 strings of 35-40 cm. each

・ Includes 6 Velcro attachments








Arch Comb

Arch Comb/アーチコーム

Arch Comb allows you to create hairdos really easily. 


Arch Comb is an ornamental hairpin, fashioned in a simple manner from brass, but highlighted with a Swarovski crystal at each end, projecting an understated elegance.

Short and compact, the Arch Comb is designed to fit snugly, concealed in your chignon while holding your hair in place securely. 


Once you’ve worn an Arch Comb, you’ll find it indispensable as it can be utilized to create various hairdos with your long hair. 




Features & Storage
Won’t it feel tightly clamped onto my head and give me a headache? Won’t it slip out of place?
As the Velcro® hook is designed to fasten securely to your hair, the ribbon exactly fits the shape of your own head, and it won’t feel too tight or slip out of place.
Won’t it damage my hair, tangle it or pull hair out?
The Velcro has been specially designed exclusively for use with hair, so there is only a miniscule risk of damage to your hair. 
The Velcro will not get tangled in your hair and pull your hair out.
Won’t it make my head itchy?
The Velcro is made of polyester, so if the ribbon is wound around your head too tightly, it will come in contact with your skin and may case an itchy sensation. We recommend our customers with very sensitive skin to wrap the ribbon not too snugly, but loosely around their heads. 
We do not recommend this product if you have any skin infections or wounds on your head.
How long will the Velcro last?
The lifespan of the Velcro’s adhesiveness will differ depending on how frequently the ribbon is worn. As long as the Velcro’s hook is in good condition and not damaged, it will be possible to use it semi-permanently.
Can I use it as an accessory, like a bracelet?
The lifespan of the Velcro’s adhesiveness will differ depending on how frequently the ribbon is worn. As long as the Velcro’s hook is in good condition and not damaged, it will be possible to use it semi-permanently.
What sizes are available? 2 sizes, 1 meter long and 1.5 meters long. A 1-meter ribbon will generally wrap around your head twice, and the 1.5-meter one, 3 times. The width varies from 5mm to 5cm, depending on the design.
Can I wash it?
Many of the items used to create the ribbons are delicate, and we do not recommend washing. If the ribbon gets stained, we recommend using a wet cloth soaked with some detergent to wipe off the stain.   
Can I wear it in the ocean or the pool?
We do not recommend it, as many of the items used to create the ribbons are delicate and there is the possibility that the colors may fade or the bijous may get damaged. 
Is it alright to wear the ribbon, if I’ve used products such as mousse, gel or hairspray on my hair?
Yes. Please be careful, however, when you take off the ribbon. The mousse/gel/spray may stick to the Velcro and make it difficult to take off the ribbon. So instead of undoing the ribbon by taking it off following the natural flow of your hair, we recommend that you unwind the ribbon.
How to wear Seule Ruban
Is this really suitable for anyone? (Isn’t it just for young people?) Our ribbons can be worn by anyone from about age 5, when the child’s hair has fully grown in, through to adults of all ages. Whether your hair is short or long, anyone can enjoy wearing Seule Sou products.
What should I do if the ends come out
Make sure to tuck both ends between your hair and the Seule Ruban to secure it, and it will stay firmly attached to your hair, which will prevent them from coming undone.
Since the ribbon is long, the Velcro sticks to my clothes. Can you give me some tips on how to wrap it? You’ll find it easy to wrap if you gather the Seule Ruban and hold it in your dominant hand and wrap it around your head little by little. Please refer to the styling pamphlet for instructions on the various ways you can wear Seule Ruban, complete with illustrations.
Can I use this with any hairstyle? Yes! If you wear your long hair down, you can use it like a hair band, and if you’ve styled your hair in a chignon for example, you can wrap it around the knot. 
Can I wear it on any occasion? There are many designs available, from simple varieties to ones that are decorated elaborately with bijous or lace. You can wear Seule Ruban on all kinds of occasions, from every-day to sports, at the office or a party…..any time at any place.
Is it alright to wear the ribbon, if I’ve used products such as mousse, gel or hairspray on my hair?
Every ribbon comes with 1 styling pamphlet. Also, please visit our official website, blog and Facebook, where you’ll find videos and photos of the diverse ways you can arrange your hair with Seule Ruban. Information is updated regularly.
Do you offer repair services? How much does it cost, approximately? Yes. We will repair our products free of charge up to one year from the date of purchase, with presentation of the receipt. However, there would be a charge for repair in the event of damage that is not related to everyday wear and tear. Also, in some cases, it may not be possible to repair the item. Please consult with us; we will examine the item, check whether it is repairable and contact you with the result along with the repair cost, if any. 
Do you have a permanent shop somewhere? (Where can I buy your products?)
At present, we do not have a permanent shop location. You can purchase our products in Seule Sou limited-period boutiques and through our online shop (for Japan shipping addresses only for the time being). Seule Sou products are also on sale in specialty boutiques.  
Are you selling your products outside of Japan?
We’re sorry, but at present we are not selling our products outside of Japan, including our online shop.
Where did this brand originate?  This is an original Japanese brand. All items are made in Japan, each one individually created by our craftspeople with care. 
If I buy something online, can you gift-wrap the item?
We offer free gift-wrapping for online purchases if the gift will be sent to an address in Japan. 
Is it possible to return an item? Due to sanitary concerns, items are non-returnable except if found to be defective.


What is Seule Deco?
Seule Deco is a decoration exclusively for the SRDT Series. You can attach Seule Deco to Seule Ruban and simply slide it into place as you like. It’s versatile, as it rotates 360 degrees. It is also detachable.